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"Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear"

George Addair




Welcome to YOU CAN Mind Coaching. Thank you for visiting my website. Taking this step into your own personal coaching programme will be the difference between living the life you are settling for or have become comfortable with and getting the life you really want. It will help you to be the change you want to see. At YOU CAN I make it my goal to help you make changes to getting the life you really want and I will coach you to be the best version of you. When you are working with me you will make some specific changes or take steps to find out your true potential. Whether you will be quitting a bad habit, building your self esteem or confidence, changing the way you approach things in life, attacking anxiety and stress or just creating a new way of life or uncovering the real you. At YOU CAN the process or product I am selling is all about YOU. It will be exciting, challenging and will change your life in ways you could never have imagined. If you make this investment in your future self, it may be the best investment you will ever make. 

 Coaching techniques explained

"Never be afraid to take a step into the unknown.....it might be the best thing you ever do" Laura Smith 

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming 

What programmes are you running in your mind right now? Are they working for you? Did you know that using NLP techniques can help you change those programmes. You can change the way you think, you can destroy bad habits or create new more powerful ones that work better for you, have help with phobias or change how you replay traumas or how you use behaviours, NLP can help to change the way you think about the past and the future. Instead of allowing your mind to control you this is your chance to take control back. In NLP we use a number of different techniques depending on your personal coaching programme. The techniques are fun and will help to change the way your unconscious mind works and how you respond to others and to your own thoughts. 

NLP is  a process I can help you use to change your mentality, beliefs and in turn, your behaviours, to be able to live the life you really want.

"If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got" Henry Ford. 


Hypnotherapy is not something to be afraid of, it is a gentle but powerful treatment to help you create all the changes you want to make in yourself, helping you make the changes you want to make in you or in your life. You are in control at all times during the session but relaxed enough for your unconscious mind to be free from the constant loop recorder it has got so used to playing. Hypnotherapy will teach your unconscious  a new way of being that works for you not against you, it can be a way to re connect and make friends with the unconscious part of you, so you can start to work together to be the best version of you. Your unconscious is your friend and wants the best for you and hypnotherapy is a completely safe and sure way of helping you to take control back and remind your unconscious mind of who you are and what you want. 

"Our clients problem is that they have lost rapport with their unconscious mind. Our job is to help restore that relationship" 

Milton H Erickson

How can I help you   


Anxiety and Stress 

Do you feel like no matter what you do you can't relax. Are you stuck in a cycle that feels like it's never ending, struggling to make decisions, feeling stressed or out of control of yourself or your life. Just as you think you have sorted one thing then something else is a problem . I can help you to find your way out of these problems and start to find solutions. 

Phobias and Trauma 

Do you have a fear of something that is affecting you to such an extent it is making your life impossible to enjoy. 

Has something happened in your life, perhaps a long time ago, that you can't seem to stop thinking about. Is it still affecting you but you do not know why. Is it stopping you from living your life, moving forward, being happy. 

Let me help you take control and let it go.

Become the Best Version of You

Are you living your life but not living the life you really want!  You know you want more but feel stuck. You don't have the confidence or belief that you can go and do all the things you want to do and make those changes. Do you feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. I can help you create change inside and out with a great coaching programme, make changes in your thinking and your actions to get the life you want and be the change you want to see!


Enjoy every moment of the journey without the stress and anxiety affecting your day 

The lead up 

Planning a wedding can be fun and exciting but can bring its share of stress and anxiety. I can help you to embrace the excitement and confidence and let go of the stress so you can enjoy every moment of the journey to the big day.

On The Day 

With so much to think about on the big day don't let nerves get in the way, I can come and help you before the event so you are in a calm, confident and relaxed mindset. The best version of you on one of the most special important days of your life. 

Prices and Sessions   

I offer various packages and sessions for your Wedding Coaching Plan 

all tailored to you personally because your experience will be unique.  

 Call me for details and to find out more so we can work together to create the best package for you. 

“Your daily behaviour reveals your deepest beliefs”

Robin Sharma

Session prices 

Free initial telephone consultation 

Please note due to the current social distancing situation all sessions will be via video link 

Initial meet/consultation and first treatment session 1.5 hrs 


Due to the situation we are all in my price plans are flexible 

I want to help people as much as I can please call me to discuss  

All payments to be made in advance of session 24 hr cancellation in advance

About Your Coach 

My name is Laura Smith. I am a qualified Psychotherapist, I work with my clients using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy. I am a qualified life coach. I am always working on building my knowledge and qualifications so I can be the very best at what I do and how I deliver my coaching to you, the client. I have a passion for helping people create the changes they want in their lives and in themselves and love to be part of their journey. I always look forward to seeing my current clients, welcoming new ones and also saying goodbye at the end of our work together, feeling excited for them to be going on to live their new life, with their new improved behaviours and beliefs that we have worked on to change and create. I have been on my own journey that has lead me to do what I now do and I am always working on my own self development, a life long process that is exciting and new and challenging  at every step. My work is all about you, the client, not about me. So call me, we can talk, let me challenge you to being the change you want to see!

Contact Me 

Telephone - 07733 125486

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